Does ethereum has great potential in future?

There is no doubt that Ethereum is one of the leading cryptocurrencies available out there. It is the second only coin after bitcoin, which has a huge market cap and popularity. The crypto coin went live back in July 2015, and till now, the cryptocurrency is continuing to grow in multiple ways. And according to traders, the coin is going to break out sooner than ever.

The unique selling point of Ethereum is that it was the first and only general-purpose blockchain on the planet. And that has remained the case until recently, but now it faces stiff competition, resulting in those in the crypto scene questioning where Ethereum’s future lies, and what’s to come in the next five years. And whether this crypto coin will keep being as popular as it is today.

There have always been high hopes about cryptocurrency, which is reflected in what everyone sees as achievable goals and real potential.  As well as the good part is that the community is backed by a huge number of developers and grow the platform further. So more and more users can start using it. And all the scaling up part is going to take place in the next few years. And it is believed that the Ethereum 2.0 will allow the currency to flourish more than ever while also embracing a more significant user base.

However, as you already know, like money or currency, there is quite a lot of work required to fulfill its true potential. And this is the reason why it will be a pretty challenging task to get everything out of Ethereum.

Also, it will be a crucial area to focus on Ethereum over the next few years. And the goal would be to make it as a digital currency and not run it as the mill utility coin. And through all these processes, we can defiantly get to see a less difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

However, for many, it is the progress in the last couple of years, which has the most significant impact that made Ethereum one of the top leaders in the crypto world. Even the investors believe that Ethereum has come a long way recently, with improvements made to aide developers to build. However, the coin is mostly recognized as a work in progress coin. But experts believe that the improvements are sooner to come on this platform.

Final Words:

Maybe ETH needs a lot of development. However, if you currently look at the usages of ETH, well, it is growing rapidly. And there is no doubt about it. There are quite a lot of crypto startups using ETH. And the numbers are going to grow more in the future. So yes, Ethereum does have a huge potential in the future.

So I hope this has answered your Does ethereum has great potential in future question. Also, if you have any more questions to ask. Then do feel free to comment below.

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